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Trainwiz says

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Great level design, great quests, magical radiation. If I had any complaint it's that the combat is still Skyrim melee combat, but that's a dig more on the base game, and doesn't reflect against the mod itself. Definitely worth getting.


eol says

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Best MOD ever!
Better than Nehrim which I thaught was impossible.

This will be Mod of the Year.
Or century.

Not much to say. This is the best example what modding has to offer. 10/10 would play again.


BlueFireee says

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Great story, great gameplay, much content, I just love it.
Oh, and dont forget the music, its incredible.

If you got Skyrim, this is a must have.


Wolfofdoom3 says

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Doesn't matter what you think,this mod is ten times better then Skyrim.Just the amount of effort the devs put into this game....


GrayEagle says

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-Combat 8 (No more spam heals)
-Customisation 10 (Build ur character exactly how u want)
-Roleplaying 9 (So much choice)
-Level Design 9.5 (DAMN!)
-Questing 8 (Improved over Nehrim's fetch quests... -egg collection quest...)
-Ambient 8 (Story thru sounds)
-VA(German) 8.5 VA(Eng) 7(Mix of pros and clear amateurs)
-Textures 7 (Lots of Vanilla tier texture quality, Especially armor)
-Animations 6 (Ugh)
-Lighting 6 (2006/Oblivion Lighting & glitches with ENB)
-World Detail 10 (Storytelling thru gfx)
-FRAMERATE 7.5 (Drops from 60fps on hardware above recommended specifications.)
-Immersion 9 (If only the gfx were better)
-Storytelling 9
-Dialog 6.5 (stilted long winded dialog at times)
-Plot 8.5 (A good epic)
-Translation (ENG) 8 (untranslated stuff)
-Stability 7 (Glitchy)
-Effort 10 (There's alot here)
-Enjoyment 9
-Overall: 8.5 (rounded to 9) English Version: 8


Wigbold says

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Great Story, insanely well done level design with incredible attention to detail. Offers a completely new game with new game mechanics, it's own lore, great music and voice acting (german version), more than 100 hours of content and so much more. SureAI creates a huge new world with a dense atmosphere that will suck you in and takes hold of you until you finally see the credits unrolling. You will find small hidden details around every corner and the amount of work that went into creating the lore and the backstory of the world is amazing. One of the best mods out there and in many aspects much better than skyrim.

It still has some balancing issues though. Some skills are useless or broken and the crafting and enchanting feels unfinished and sometimes buggy. You will also run into some CTDs from time to time. Quicksave often to minimize any loss of progress. But overall it's still incredibly polished for a mod of this size and offers a great rpg-experience that's on par with - and often better - than any offical DLC. If you own Skyrim, you have to download this.


DerKommissar says

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This mod is a historic triumph in game design. It surpasses vanilla in every manner. The English translation is wonderful, even the voice acting. I have not been enthralled with an RPG like this in two or three years. Cheers to the devs for creating a masterpiece, one that puts the industry to shame.


deleted10101 says

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This looks impressive


FooFlinger says

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Saying Enderal is "another Skyrim" would be doing it an injustice. It's got dozens of hours of content, all of it TRULY handcrafted. The new sound effects, voice acting, dialogue, environments and quest lines are all superb; leagues ahead of modern Bethesda writing/scripting. And damn, what an opening...

It's also got fantastic pacing and (in my opinion) a refreshing new skill system. There's tons of incentive to explore not only from the dozens of hand crafted dungeons/areas, but also to find little magic orbs which grant you experience/character points. And did I mention the ambiance is absolutely perfect? It's easy to tell a lot of love and care was put into creating not only the world, but the mod's visual style as well.

I also really like the new arcane fever system which punishes you for using potions and certain magic abilities unless you have ambrosia, a potion which cancels out a portion of the fever. As you can imagine however, they are extremely hard to come by.

My only gripes are that many of the places I've explored so far are simply different kinds of bandit camps, and that the enemy a.i is a little too easy to exploit.

Overall however, I've sank almost 20 hours into it already. I'm totally hooked and I feel like I'm just getting started.

Reviews - Enderal mod for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2024)


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