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Cast Iron Recipes You Need to Make This Summer (1)Katie BandurskiUpdated: Jan. 30, 2024

    Your cast-iron skillet can turn out delicious dishes all year long. Put it to work this summer with our recipes for fried chicken, rustic pies, salsa and so much more.


    Cast-Iron Peach Crostata

    While the crostata, an open-faced fruit tart, is actually Italian, my version’s peach filling is American all the way. —Lauren Knoelke, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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    Parmesan Bow Tie Pasta with Chicken

    On lazy summer weekends, we like chicken and yellow squash tossed with bow tie pasta. Add extra fresh grated Parmesan for a Sunday touch. —Sarah Smiley, Bangor, Maine

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    Mexican Homemade Salsa

    In the summertime, I love to make this easy, zippy homemade salsa recipe with fresh tomatoes from my garden. I even have a special pan for roasting the peppers. —Roger Stenman, Batavia, Illinois

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    Traditional Funnel Cakes

    When I was in high school, I made these funnel cakes every Sunday after church for my family. They are crisp and tender, just like the kind we always ate at the state fair. —Susan Tingley, Portland, Oregon

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    TMB Studio

    Papa Burger

    When whipping up something for Father’s Day or the Fourth of July, I go big and tall with this fully loaded, juicy yumburger. —Chase Bailey, Costa Mesa, California

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    Taste of Home

    Patriotic Potatoes with Mustard Sauce

    Show your true spirit with a bowl of red, white and blue potatoes dressed with bacon and sour cream. They’re tops in my hit parade of patriotic dishes. —Julie Murphy, Peachtree City, Georgia

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    Blackened Catfish with Mango Avocado Salsa

    A delightful and tasty rub makes this quick recipe fantastic. While the fish is sitting to allow the flavors to blend, you can easily assemble the salsa. My family loves this! —Laura Fisher, Westfield, Massachusetts

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    Bluebarb Pie

    If you're a fan of strawberry-rhubarb pie, you'll want to try this twist on the classic. Here, blueberries provide the sweet counterpoint to the tart rhubarb, with mouthwatering results. —Steve Gyuro, Franklin, Wisconsin

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    Taste of Home

    Tuscan Cornbread with Asiago Butter

    I had some fresh basil on hand and needed to find a use for it. Peering into my pantry, I saw a bag of cornmeal and figured that cornbread with a Tuscan twist would be delicious. During peak tomato season, I substitute the canned tomatoes with fresh—just remove the skins, seed and finely dice.—Michelle Anderson, Eagle, Idaho

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    Taste of Home

    Lemon Shrimp with Parmesan Rice

    I grew up in Biloxi, Mississippi, where rice, garlic and seafood are staples of Gulf Coast cuisine. This easy shrimp and rice dish is a longtime family favorite that's ready in minutes. —Amie Overby, Reno, Nevada

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    Baked Asparagus Dip

    Since I'm from Wisconsin, I thought it was only logical to put together a vegetable and a cheese—two of the foods my state produces in abundance. This cheesy asparagus dip fits the bill. —Sandra Baratka, Phillips, Wisconsin

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    Taste of Home

    Bernie's Pork Chop Sandwiches

    My aunt worked in Butte, Montana, and whenever we visited we had pork chop sandwiches. This recipe is a take on that old favorite. —Jeanette Kotecki, Billings, Montana

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    Cashew Chicken with Noodles

    I tried this recipe for chicken with cashew nuts when making freezer meals with some friends. I was smitten! It's quick, easy and so delicious! —Anita Beachy, Bealeton, Virginia

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    Taste of Home

    Peach and Berry Cobbler

    This is one of my favorite summer recipes because it features peaches and berries that are in season, but it is just as delicious with frozen fruit. The quick biscuit topping brings it all together. —Lauren McAnelly, Des Moines, Iowa

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    Shrimp Corn Cakes with Soy Mayo

    Feel free to add hot sauce to the dip that accompanies these savory corn cakes. —Katty Chiong, Hoffman Estates, Illinois

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    Taste of Home

    Bananas Foster on the Grill

    Bananas Foster is my husband's favorite dessert, and this is one of the easiest recipes I've ever found. Not only is it delicious, it's a great way to use those bananas that are a little too ripe to just peel and eat. —Rebecca Clark, Warrior, Alabama

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    Crusted Salmon

    These delicious salmon fillets are wonderful for company since they take only a few minutes to prepare, yet they taste like you fussed. I receive requests for the recipe every time I serve them. —Kara Cook, Elk Ridge, Utah

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    The appealing vegetable trio is enlivened by a wine-scented saute. —Deirdre Cox, Kansas City, Missouri

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    This creamy mac ’n’ cheese is so simple it’s almost too easy! —Ann Bowers, Rockport, Texas

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    Southwestern Sauteed Corn

    My mother-in-law came up with this corn skillet dish one night for dinner. Everyone who tries it absolutely loves it! —Chandy Ward, Aumsville, Oregon

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    Lemon and Rosemary Chicken

    This baked rosemary chicken with a tangy lemon sauce is my husband's favorite, and my sister always wants it for her birthday dinner. —Laurel Dalzell, Manteca, California

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    TMB studio

    Ginger-Orange Wings

    The sweet-and-sour sauce in this recipe was originally for pork spareribs, but my family has always enjoyed it this way. The longer the wings sit in the ketchup, ginger and orange marmalade sauce, the better they taste. They can be served warm or cold.-Lora Fletcher, Lyons, Oregon

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    Caribbean Wontons

    I first served these fresh and fruity treats as an appetizer at a summer luau. My family and friends now enjoy them as a dessert for occasions throughout the year.—Melissa Birdsong, Gilbert, South Carolina

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    Southern Peach Upside-Down Cake

    A dear friend from the South gave me the idea for this peachy cake. I add bourbon and top each slice with vanilla or cinnamon ice cream. —Trista Jefferson, Batavia, Ohio

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    So Very Berry Brie

    I needed to make something quick for a wine and cheese party, and had a bounty of berries on hand. My creation went great with all the wines and looked so much more impressive than the other plain cheeses! —Kristin Larson-Jantzi, Newton, Kansas

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    Sweet Potato and Egg Skillet

    I try to incorporate nutritious sweet potatoes in my meals as often as possible, especially with breakfast. I created this recipe with the purpose of feeding my family a healthy, hearty breakfast—and it worked! —Jeanne Larson, Mission Viejo, California

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    Rustic Honey Cake

    When my boys were young, they couldn’t drink milk but they could have yogurt. This was a cake they could eat. And it’s one dessert that doesn’t taste overly sweet, which is always a nice change of pace. —Linda Leuer, Hamel, Minnesota

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    Taste of Home

    Honey Walleye

    Our state is known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, so fishing is a favorite recreational activity here. This recipe is a quick way to prepare all the fresh walleye hooked by the anglers in our family. —Kitty McCue, St. Louis Park, Minnesota

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    Veggie Fajitas

    For a scrumptious and super healthy party dish, these colorful, hearty veggie fajitas packed with crisp-tender vegetables are perfect. —Sarah Mercer, Wichita, Kansas

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    Queso Fundido

    Dig in to this one-skillet dip and enjoy the gooey cheese and the spicy kicks from chorizo and pepper jack. —Julie Merriman, Seattle, Washington

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    Taste of Home

    Skewerless Stovetop Kabobs

    My family loves this quick and easy recipe so much, we never have any leftovers. It's also great on the grill. —Jennifer Mitchell, Altoona, Pennsylvania

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    Healthier-than-Egg Rolls

    Frying anything at home is a little intimidating for me, but I love egg rolls. With this recipe, I've figured out a way to get the best part of the eggroll—without the mess. If you prefer a traditional egg rolls made with wrappers, you can use this as the filling! —Sue Mitchell, Leakey, Texas

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    Taste of Home

    Ravioli Appetizer Pops

    Ravioli on a stick is a tasty appetizer everyone talks about. They’re simple and fun to make and eat. Use packaged dipping sauces, or make your own. Get my recipes on my blog, —Erika Monroe-Williams, Scottsdale, Arizona

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    Dilly Turkey Melt

    This is a hearty grilled sandwich with a distinctive and delicious combination of ingredients. The pickle slices add a bit of fun, and the barbecue sauce provides a hint of sweetness that's irresistible. —Henry Mujica, North Riverside, Illinois

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    Taste of Home

    Egg Burritos

    Zap one of these frozen burritos in the microwave and you'll stave off hunger all morning. This recipe is my family’s favorite combo, but I sometimes use breakfast sausage instead of bacon. —Audra Niederman, Aberdeen, South Dakota

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    Taste of Home

    Cajun Shrimp Skillet

    There’s plenty of sauce with these shrimp—I always have some bread on the side to soak it up. Make the dish your own by using your favorite amber beer or flavorful broth. —Mark Oppe, North Pole, Alaska

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    Sage-Rubbed Salmon

    If you’ve always thought of sage with turkey, try it with salmon for a little taste of heaven. We serve this with rice, salad and sauteed green beans. —Nicole Raskopf, Beacon, New York

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    Garbanzo Bean Burgers

    These chickpea burgers are totally awesome. I think I’d rather have one than any cheeseburger at a restaurant. They really rock! —Berea Rider, East Point, Kentucky

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    Taste of Home

    Skillet-Roasted Lemon Chicken with Potatoes

    This is a meal I have my students make in our nutrition unit. It has a delicious lemon-herb flavor and is simple to make. —Mindy Rottmund, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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    Taste of Home

    Mom's Roast Chicken

    This is the best way to cook a whole chicken. It roasts up super juicy with crisp, golden skin. This chicken is simply seasoned, but packs in so much flavor. —James Schend, Dairy Freed

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    Pan-Roasted Salmon with Cherry Tomatoes

    It sounds basic, but the tomato sauce is so awesome. If you have it, use white wine instead of chicken broth. I like to serve my salmon with asparagus—roast it alongside the fish. —Swati Sharan, Horseheads, New York

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    Taste of Home

    Feta Asparagus Frittata

    Asparagus and feta cheese come together to make this frittata extra special. It's perfect for a lazy Sunday or to serve with a tossed salad for a light lunch. —Mildred Sherrer, Fort Worth, Texas

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    Pork Chops with Gravy

    This is an impressive and elegant dish that can be served to guests. You can use any fresh herbs you like, even the ones you have one hand.—Betty Slivon, Sun City, Arizona

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    Taste of Home

    Berry Whirligig

    Blackberries are an Oregon treasure. We love to go out and pick our own. Whatever we don’t eat fresh, we freeze to enjoy whenever we start dreaming of this irresistible treat. —Pearl Stanford, Medford, Oregon

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    Tuna Burgers

    My family members were so accustomed to typical beef burgers that they were hesitant to try these when I first made them. Any skepticism disappeared after just one bite. —Kim Stoller, Smithville, Ohio

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    Arrabbiata Sauce with Zucchini Noodles

    This popular Italian dish is flavorful and spicy. We decided to re-create one of our favorite jarred sauces and serve over zucchini pasta for a lighter, healthier meal that's naturally gluten-free. The results were amazing! —Courtney Stultz, Weir, Kansas

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    Taste of Home

    Classic Crab Cakes

    Our region is known for good seafood, and crab cakes are a traditional favorite. I learned to make them from a chef in a restaurant where they were a bestseller. The crabmeat's sweet and mild flavor is sparked by the blend of other ingredients. —Debbie Terenzini, Lusby, Maryland

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    Taste of Home

    Garlic Ranch Chicken

    The simple ingredients in this recipe give it flavor the whole family will enjoy. A no-nonsense salad will round out the meal. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

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    Macaroon-Topped Rhubarb Cobbler

    Crumbled macaroons are a surprising addition to this cobbler’s topping. We love that you can make the sweet treat in a baking dish or a cast-iron skillet. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

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    Taste of Home

    Basil-Butter Steaks with Roasted Potatoes

    A few ingredients and 30 minutes are all you’ll need for this incredibly satisfying meal. A simple basil butter gives these steaks a very special taste. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

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    Homemade Churros

    These fried cinnamon-sugar homemade churros are best when fresh and hot. Try them with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Don't be surprised if people start dunking...and then go back for more.

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    Taste of Home

    Lemon Chicken and Rice

    On our busy ranch, we often need meals we can put on the table in a hurry. This all-in-one chicken dish - with its delicate lemon flavor - fits the bill and it's inexpensive to boot. —Kat Thompson, Prineville, Oregon

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    Chocolate Chip Dutch Baby

    I modified a traditional Dutch baby recipe given to me by a friend and came up with this version that my family thinks is terrific. You'll be surprised at how easy it is to make. —Mary Thompson, La Crosse, Wisconsin

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    Taste of Home

    Deep-Fried Cookies

    My kids love this delicious, indulgent treat. I like to give the batter a kick by adding a pinch of cinnamon and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. — Margarita Torres, Bayamon, Puerto Rico

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    Focaccia Barese

    This focaccia has been in my mom's family for several generations. It is one of my most-requested recipes whenever I am invited to a party—I am not allowed to attend unless I bring it! —Dora Travaglio, Mount Prospect, Illinois

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    Weeknight Chicken Chop Suey

    If you'd like a little extra crunch with this colorful chop suey, serve with chow mein noddles. —George Utley, South Hill, Virginia

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    The key to this savory chicken is the combination of garlic, fresh rosemary and thyme. I like to serve it with mashed potatoes or crusty Italian bread. —Jan Valdez, Lombard, Illinois

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    Confetti Corn

    This easy corn dish is sure to dress up almost any entree. I added the crunch of water chestnuts, red pepper and chopped carrot—along with extra nutrition. —Glenda Watts, Charleston, Illinois

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    Blend of the Bayou

    My sister-in-law shared this recipe with me when I first moved here. It's been handed down in my husband's family for generations. It's quick to prepare, nutritious and flavorful. I've passed it on to my children too.—Ruby Williams, Bogalusa, Louisiana

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    Taste of Home

    Blackened Halibut

    Try serving this spicy halibut recipe with garlic mashed potatoes, hot, crusty bread and a crisp salad to lure in your crew. After trying a few halibut recipes, this one is my family's favorite. —Brenda Williams, Santa Maria, California

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    Grilled Pesto, Ham and Provolone Sandwiches

    These Italian-style sandwiches are loaded with zesty flavors. To lighten them a little, use fat-free mayo. We serve them with minestrone or a crisp salad. —Priscilla Yee, Concord, California

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    Taste of Home

    Skillet Banana Fritters

    This delicious banana treat is sure to be a hit in your home. They are so yummy served with ice cream on the side. For an extra special treat, add chocolate syrup!—Sharon Yonts, Scottsboro, Alabama

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    Asparagus Ham Dinner

    I've been making this low-fat ham dinner for my family for years, and we always look forward to it. With asparagus, tomato, pasta and chunks of ham, it's a tempting blend of tastes and textures. —Rhonda Zavodny, David City, Nebraska

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    Originally Published: April 11, 2019

    Cast Iron Recipes You Need to Make This Summer (64)

    Katie Bandurski

    As Senior Shopping Editor, Katie connects Taste of Home readers with the best gifts, deals and home products on the market. An avid foodie and a holiday enthusiast, Katie is an expert at cultivating meaningful moments.When she’s out of the office, you’ll find her exploring Wisconsin, trying out new vegetarian recipes and watching Christmas movies.

    Cast Iron Recipes You Need to Make This Summer (2024)


    What foods are best cooked in cast iron? ›

    The Best Foods to Cook in Cast Iron Pans
    • Pan-seared veggies and proteins.
    • Fatty foods like bacon.
    • Burgers.
    • Grilled cheese sandwiches.
    • Pizza.
    • Eggs (yes, you read that right!)
    • Potatoes.
    • Cornbread and other breads.
    Aug 30, 2022

    What is the best meat to cook in a cast iron skillet? ›

    A thick-cut steak such as a ribeye or New York strip is best for cooking in a cast iron skillet because it can withstand the high heat of the skillet and develop a gorgeous crust, while remaining juicy and tender in the middle. Avoid lean cuts like flank steak or skirt steak, as they are prone to drying out.

    What is the first thing you should cook in cast iron? ›

    Start with Vegetables

    Any seared, sautéed, or pan-roasted vegetable recipe is a great place to start breaking in your skillet. Vegetables won't stick to your cooking surface like fatty proteins, and are easy to spread out over the entire cooking surface, helping to build even seasoning.

    Are scrambled eggs good in cast iron? ›

    Because cast iron retains its heat well, they'll cook thoroughly. The most important thing here is to let your eggs sit for at least 30 seconds.

    Why can't you cook eggs in cast iron? ›

    Eggs fall into the category of sticky foods that are not ideal for cast iron skillets that haven't built up their seasoning yet. While cast iron can become non-stick with sufficient use over time, a newer skillet will almost certainly cause your eggs to stick to its porous surface.

    What is the best oil to season cast iron with? ›

    What oils can I use to season cast iron? All cooking oils and fats can be used for seasoning cast iron, but based on availability, affordability, effectiveness, and having a high smoke point, Lodge recommends vegetable oil, melted shortening, or canola oil, like our Seasoning Spray.

    Is cast iron the healthiest to cook on? ›

    Yes, cast iron pans are healthy to use for cooking food. But you need to make sure that you are using them correctly. The best way is to bring them up to temperature before putting in the fats and foods you are going to cook. This ensures that any potential bacteria are completely eliminated.

    Should I use butter or oil in a cast iron skillet? ›

    When cooking in cast iron, you should add a little oil to the pan before adding your food. This helps ensure the food doesn't stick, and it helps build layers of seasoning. You can generally use whatever oil you prefer, as long as the cooking temperature is below the smoke point of the oil.

    What are the pros and cons of cooking with a cast iron skillet? ›

    Cast Iron Skillet Pros
    • Exceptionally Durable.
    • Retains Heat Well.
    • Inexpensive.
    • Naturally non-stick (with seasoning)
    • Supplements your food with additional iron.
    • Heavy.
    • Heats unevenly.
    • Requires seasoning.

    Is there anything I shouldn't make in a cast iron skillet? ›

    Is There Anything You Shouldn't Cook in Your Cast-Iron Skillet? Experts Weigh In. While there's nothing that's technically off limits, the pros say you should be careful with acidic foods, like tomato or wine sauce, which can corrode the seasoning if left in the pan for too long.

    What is it called when you cook a steak in a cast iron skillet? ›

    We sear steaks to develop a crispy brown crust on their surface. That crust is full of flavor and one of the most enjoyable aspects of cooking and eating a steak. I pride myself in my sear and call upon my cast iron skillet whenever I'm cooking a steak.

    Why is my meat sticking to my cast iron skillet? ›

    The Cause:

    Occasionally food may stick to your cast iron cookware. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as not using enough fat or oil when cooking, using cookware that isn't well seasoned, or when breaking in new cookware that hasn't built up additional layers of seasoning.

    Is cast iron the healthiest way to cook? ›

    You'll use less oil, avoid harmful chemicals, and get a little extra iron in your diet. The reasons why we love a classic cast-iron skillet include but are in no way limited to the following: Pizza. Burgers.

    Is cooking in cast iron more healthy? ›

    Compared with non-iron cookware, such as Teflon or glass dishes, cooking in cast iron can increase the dietary iron content of our food by up to 16%. However, how much iron actually leaches into our food depends on what we cook and how we cook it.

    Is cooking in cast iron better for you? ›

    So, Is Cooking in Cast Iron Healthier than Cooking in Other Pans? In short: No. You'd have to be mouse-sized to see quantifiable health benefits from mineral intake exclusively with cast iron. Because mineral transfer happens at such a small scale, it's safe to say that cast iron is not any healthier than other pans.


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